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Down The Crooked Road (Paperback) + CD Combo

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2014 - Transworld ISBN 978-1-848-27187-6 / TUCD 035

In 2010 Transworld Publishers asked me if I would be interested in writing my autobiography. The prospect of writing a book had never occurred to me and I declined. I wondered would there be much interest in it. As well as that I was in the midst of touring and had plans to go into the studio to record Stories From The Steeples. So I passed on the offer but I think it planted a seed in my mind.

Transworld approached me again in late 2013. This time I gave it more thought. I was a little apprehensive at the prospect and so sought some advice. I had also decided at that time that after 30 years I was ready to hang up my touring boots and it seemed that this book could be a nice way to mark that end. I knew I would need someone to help me get the stories down on paper, but I wanted that person to be someone I knew and who knew me. I asked my daughter Róisín if she would type up a couple of stories for me and in October 2013 the two of us got stuck into writing. The memories and stories started to flow and Roisin began to question me about different aspects and details of the events. She had been an avid reader from a young age and seemed to have a natural understanding of the process. It was a precious time spent with Róisín. I would sit with her and tell her the stories while she listened and typed. Oftentimes when I was finished she’d rub her hands together and say, ‘Ok Mam, now let’s set the scene.’ She always managed to ask the right questions and really gave shape to the chapters in an intuitive way.

I hope this book gives a flavour of what my life was about and who I am.

All of the songs on the CD are referenced in one way or another in my autobiography Down The Crooked Road... they had a special meaning for me at some point in my life and so I thought this album would be a good companion to my autobiography; a sort of 'soundtrack' to my life story.